Moosomin Regional Park

Lot #: 13388

OFF SITE- 2 Plastic Saw Horses UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13389


Lot #: 13390

OFF SITE- Propane Turkey Deep-Fryer UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13391

OFF SITE- Towing Tube with 3-Man Capacity UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13392

OFF SITE- Grasshog Electric Weed Trimmer, Fire Extinguisher UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13393

OFF SITE- McCormick Lid Hamilton, Ont. UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13394

OFF SITE- Metal Gas Can, Flour Can, Fire Extinguisher UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13395

OFF SITE- 3 Large Cooking Pots UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13396

OFF SITE- John Deere Kids’ Wagon, Halloween Decoration UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13397

OFF SITE- Antique Sickle Cutter, Wheel Barrow UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13398

OFF SITE- Wood Shed and Contents Approx. 8′ x 12′ UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13399

OFF SITE- Wood Shed and Contents Approx. 8′ x 10′ UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13450

OFF SITE- Krug Dining Table with 4 Leaves and 8 Chairs UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13451

OFF SITE- China Cabinet and Hutch Contents NOT Included UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13452

OFF SITE- Northwind Cabinet Contents NOT Included UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13453

OFF SITE- Lazy Susan May Include Contents UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13454

OFF SITE- Small Dish Cabinet ALL Contents Included UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13455

OFF SITE- Northern Electric Co Antique Wood Telephone UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13456

OFF SITE- Microwave, Potato Storage and Assorted Wall Decor UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13457

OFF SITE- Bread Box, Shelf, Misc. Includes Contents of Shelf ONLY UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13458

OFF SITE- Contents of 3 Drawers, Last Supper and Misc. Decor UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13459

OFF SITE- CD/Cassettes and Player, Cabinet, Folding Chairs UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13460

OFF SITE- Contents of China Hutch, Top of Hutch and Cabinet ONLY UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13461

OFF SITE- Pickle Tray and Butter Dish with Cover UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13462

OFF SITE- Tea Cup/Pot/Saucer Set, Cocoa Pot UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13463

OFF SITE- Canadian Pacific Railway Antique Lantern UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13464

OFF SITE- 2 Kerosene Lamps (One Broke) and Candle Holder Set UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13465

OFF SITE- 3 Assorted Kerosene Lamps UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13466

OFF SITE- Rack and Complete Contents Included UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13467

OFF SITE- Decorative Plates and Plate Display Racks UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13468

OFF SITE- Miscellaneous Decorations, Wine Rack, Hats, Etc. UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13469

OFF SITE- Saw Horse Set and Table Top UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13470

OFF SITE- Water Dispenser and Antique High Chair, Decor UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13471

OFF SITE- Flower Pot, Tomato Cage, Clay Chiminea, Etc. UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13472

OFF SITE- Swinging Wooden Bench for the Deck UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13473

OFF SITE- Hanging Tire Horse Swing on Chains UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13474

OFF SITE- Metal Cream Can and Wooden Stool UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13475

OFF SITE- Antique Metal/Wood Boss Waching Machine UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13476

OFF SITE- Air Pump, Light Timer, Fire Extinguisher, Etc. UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13477


Lot #: 13478

OFF SITE- Toy Box with Toys and Paints UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13479

OFF SITE- Panasonic Flat Screen42″ TV, Stand (No Contents) UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13480

OFF SITE- Clock and 2 Pictures UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13481

OFF SITE- Electric Fireplace Contents NOT Included UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13482

OFF SITE- Kenmore Upright Window A/C Unit UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13483

OFF SITE- Pictures, Loon Ornament, Wind Chimes, Etc. UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13484

OFF SITE- Antique Ice Box Wooden Exterior UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13485

OFF SITE- Wine, Champagne and Beer Glasses UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13486

OFF SITE- Truck and Barn Picture Winter Scene UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13487

OFF SITE- Truck Picture Winter Scene UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13488

OFF SITE- Tractor and Deer Picture Field Scene UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13489

OFF SITE- Tractor Collectables Waterloo UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13490

OFF SITE- Tractor Collectables International UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13491

OFF SITE- Tractor Collectables Sawyer-Massey and Saw UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13492

OFF SITE- Tractor Collectables Case and Waterloo UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13493

OFF SITE- Tractor Collectable Weber Wagon UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13494

OFF SITE- Dresser Cabinet Inside Contents NOT Included UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13495

OFF SITE- Assortment of Books ALL Contents Included UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13496

OFF SITE- Cabinet NO Contents – Must Take 2x Bid Price UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13497

OFF SITE- Bed Frame/Mattress Contents NOT Included UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13498

OFF SITE- Miscellaneous Decorations on Headboard UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13499

OFF SITE- Miscellaneous Decorations, Paint, A/C Unit, Etc. UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13500

OFF SITE- 2 Cream Cans, Light House, Metal Flower UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13501

OFF SITE- 1-Man Sea-Doo Towing Tube UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13502

OFF SITE- 4-Gallon Shop Vacuum UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13503

OFF SITE- 18V Ryobi Tool Set, Drill, Flashlight, Saws, Etc. UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13504

OFF SITE- Aluminum 5-Step Ladder UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13505

OFF SITE- Ceramic Christmas Tree Lamp UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13506

OFF SITE- Towel/Toilet Paper Rack, Wash Basin/Pitcher, Misc. UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13507

OFF SITE- 2 Assorted Cabinets Contents NOT Included UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13508

OFF SITE- Bunk Bed, Wash Stand, Wall Decor, Tub and Blankets, Etc. UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13509

OFF SITE- Assorted Kitchen Tools and Appliances UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13510

OFF SITE- Shelf and Cabinet Contents NOT Included UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13511

OFF SITE- Frame/Mattress, Iron Board, Shelf and Hanging Rack UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13512

OFF SITE- Wood Shed and Contents Approx. 6′ x 8′ UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13513

OFF SITE- Filing Cabinet and Large Table-Top Fan UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13514

OFF SITE- Stacked Washer/Dryer Set UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13515

OFF SITE- Patio Table with 8 Assorted Chairs UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13516

OFF SITE- Bistro Patio Table and Chairs Set UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13517

OFF SITE- Shelf Contents NOT Included UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13518

OFF SITE- 6-Man Arctic Spa Hot Tub, Chemicals, Mats, Etc. UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13519

OFF SITE- Frigidaire Upright Freezer UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13520

OFF SITE- Contents of Upper Shelf (Above Freezer) UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13521

OFF SITE- Metal Frame Cloth Hamper Clothes Hanger (NO Contents) UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13522

OFF SITE- Shenzhen Josen Ind. Infared Heater UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13523

OFF SITE- Misc. Ledge/Wall Decorations Barometer, Radio, Clock, Etc. UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13524

OFF SITE- Crokinole Board with Wooden Pieces UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13526

OFF SITE- Under Deck: South Contents – Bikes, Toys, Sleigh, Etc. UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13527

OFF SITE- Under Deck: Construction Heater Stelpro Designs UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13528

OFF SITE- Under Deck: North Contents – Stroller, Decorations, Etc. UNRESERVED

Lot #: 13529



LOCATION: Moosomin Regional Park From Toll Booth Entrance to Park - Continue to 4-Way Stop - Go Through East to 1st Street - Elm Way - Turn Left (North) to 6th House - #14 Elm Way Viewing: Saturday, October 6, 2018 --- 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday, October 8, 2018 --- 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday, October 13, 2018 --- 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Sunday, October 14, 2018 --- 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pick Up: October 19, Friday - 20, Saturday - 21, Sunday/2018 - 9 am To 6 pm all three days..... Auctioneers Note: After 22 years as a family home over looking the Moosomin Lake, there will be a Dispersing Online Auction Sale consisting of Household, Collectibles, Hot Tub, Tools & Yard Sheds. !


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. McDougall Auctioneers Ltd, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.