ARMAND & COLETTE MOYEN – HOUSE, ACREAGE & EQUIPMENT TIMED ONLINE ONLY AUCTION All items Located in Saint Front SK For more Information & Appointment for Viewing Please CALL COLETTE 306-874-7383 OR LYLE 306-227-3540 Directions to Acreage: The North End of Saint Front SK VIEWING: Saturday August 1st to Monday August 3rd 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CHECK OUT WILL BE WEDNESDAY August 12th to Sunday August 16th, ALL ITEMS MUST BE REMOVED BY Sunday August 16th AT 5:00 PM For more Information Please CALL COLETTE 306-874-7383 OR LYLE 306-227-3540

Lot #: 10

Smith-Rolls Comet Model 180CH Arc Welder

comes with two helmets and cables

Lot #: 11

Red 3 Drawer metal tool box

asst. of 3/8 & 1/4 inch sockets, ratchets, misc. wrenches, 3/4 inch drive socket set with ratchets, extenstions, and swing handle, torque wrench, etc.

Lot #: 12

2 boxes of asst. cutoff wheels, clamps, etc.

crescent wrench, battery post cleaner, screwdrivers, anti freeze coolant tester, etc.

Lot #: 13

ITC 9 Piece Professional Screwdriver Set

Plastic handle

Lot #: 14

Contents on south wall of shop

to include: hand saw, clamps, crescent wrenches, pipe wrenches, snap ring pliers, pliers, filtre wrenches, scissors, 1/2 inch drive speed swivel handles, etc.

Lot #: 15

3 drawers of asst pipe and hydraulic fittings

Lot #: 16

3 drawers of asst pipe fittings, hooks, etc.

files, chisels, u joints, grind stone leveler, etc.

Lot #: 17

2 drawers of asst pins, hand drills, etc

wrenches, hammer stapler, small electric motor, etc.

Lot #: 18

5 inch bench vise, toolbox, etc.

clamps, small chain tightener, misc iron, green metal box, etc

Lot #: 19

Metal tray of asst threaded rod, bolts, etc

pipe fittings, pulley, grain screeners, Kutchum Kurl lock ear tag guns, etc

Lot #: 20

2 boxes of asst washers, wire, hack saw, etc

air operated grease gun, extension cord, magnet, hand shears, hooks, funnel, etc.

Lot #: 21

2 boxes with hand trowels, gear puller, etc

tin snips, paint scraper, cable, clothesline pulleys, tape measure, automotive lightbulbs, asst bolts, small shackles, etc.

Lot #: 22

Metal toolbox, tackle box, etc

Wooden carpenters box, asst eavestrough elbows, welding rods, plastic fittings, etc.

Lot #: 23

Qty of baler tynes, bolts, nails, etc

metal brackets, etc.

Lot #: 24

Custom built electric fan on metal stand

with castor wheels

Lot #: 25

Standard heavy duty industrial 3/4hp 8in grinder

on custom built heavy duty pedestal stand

Lot #: 26

Standard heavy duty industrial 1hp 10inch grinder

bench grinder on custom built heavy duty pedestal stand

Lot #: 27

Custom built 33x25inch welding table

with heavy duty pedestal stand and 4 inch vise,comes with metal tins, partial spool of electric fence wiring, and metal funnel

Lot #: 28

Anvil with large wooden stump and post mauls

Lot #: 29

Plastic Santa Claus ornament, mop pail, etc.

qty of BOP rings, asst sizes, small hydraulic cylinder, fuel nossel, etc.

Lot #: 30

2 reciever hitches with 2inch balls

Lot #: 31

6 large meat hooks and 5 small hand hooks

Lot #: 32

3 axes, custom built dandilion digger, etc

walker, butterfly net, post maul handle, etc.

Lot #: 33

Small swede saw, magnet on wheels, etc

misc clamps, gooseneck, etc.

Lot #: 34

Custom built grinder and wire wheel

with electric motor on pedestal stand

Lot #: 35

Hearts machine shop electric band saw

Lot #: 36

Approx 3 ton hydraulic floor jack

Lot #: 37

Custom built 12.5 ton hydraulic shop press

Lot #: 38

Small plastic tool caddy

with qty of asst screwdrivers and 30in bolt cutters

Lot #: 39

Box with 2 sad irons, 2 brace and bits, etc

antique pliers, small electrical cord

Lot #: 40

8 lrg custom built c clamps

Lot #: 41

Clarke small portable electric air compressor

Lot #: 42

Qty of ratchet tie downs, ropes, etc.

rope, large c clamp

Lot #: 43

Large bolt cutter 1/2inch capacity

Lot #: 44

30inch bolt cutter

Lot #: 45

Joints and Cutting Tool Co. lrg bolt cutter

have been broken but also have been repaired

Lot #: 46


Lot #: 47

Craftsmen twin Cylinder portable air compressor

2hp electric engine works- compressor pump needs repair, comes with hose, hose reel, tire tester, blow guns, etc.

Lot #: 48

6x2ftx41inch metal work bench on castor wheels

Lot #: 49

Black & Decker 1/2in electric drill

with air ratchet 1/2in drive, 25ft tape measure, magnetic parts tray, battery lifter, 1/2in drive swing handle, small chains and cable

Lot #: 50

Rodac 1/2inch air impact wrench

Rockwell 1/2inch drive air impact wrench and air dye grinder

Lot #: 51

2 boxes of asst shackles,clevis, and pins

Lot #: 52

SG 14piece std wrench set; 3/8 to 11/4inch

Lot #: 53

Set of combination wrenches from 3/8 to 1 1/4 inch

Lot #: 54

Black & Decker 3/8 electric drill and 4.5in grindr

Lot #: 55

Walter heavy duty angle grinder

Lot #: 56

Custom built 5 tier parts storage unit

with asst bolts, jack, and pick up wheel

Lot #: 57

2 wooden boxes of asst oil cans, fuel nossel, etc

welding helmet, bolts, metal stand, allan wrenches, etc

Lot #: 58

3 flare kits, Skat scooter, etc

running boards and box rails

Lot #: 59

4 drawer filing cabinet

with phone, etc

Lot #: 60

Forney portable air tank

Lot #: 61

Custom built swivel seat

made from lawnmower frame

Lot #: 62

2 wheel moving cart with large base

Lot #: 63

38x60in glass top patio table

with 24x50in wooden coffee table

Lot #: 64

Vostok Model 38 177calibre pellet gun

SN: 87069137

Lot #: 65

Replacement fender for 1980-86 Ford F150

Lot #: 66

Custom built portable 27x48in table

on castor wheels, comes with metal ammo box, small cylinder, small 5 bolt rim, xmas tree stands, light, etc

Lot #: 67

100PSI 2 gal Oil free portable air compressor

King Canada Brand, with hose

Lot #: 68

Qty of combination wrench

double box end wrenches, small radio, misc drill bits, antifreeze tester, clamp on light, etc

Lot #: 69

Stop arm light, plastic crate with asst belts, etc

ball peen hammer, small jack, small heater, etc

Lot #: 70

Ultrapro Model 330 torque wrench

Lot #: 71

2 plastic stands,small tarp and hard hat

Lot #: 72

Qty of asst wrenches, hammers, pry bar, etc

metal toolbox, drill bits, harrow tines, electric motors, etc

Lot #: 73

Small green toolbox

1/4inch drive socket set, box of asst screwdrivers, wrenches, vice grips, pliers, misc oils, grease and brass stand

Lot #: 74

Small antique scale,drill vice etc

misc electrical boxes and ford grille

Lot #: 75

3 step painters ladder and small metal ladder

Lot #: 76

Asst of filers, tarp straps, etc

hydraulic cylinders, winter front, custom built hitch, door closer, small bird chase, slow moving sign. misc VHS tapes

Lot #: 77

36 and 48 inch jackall

Lot #: 78

Qty of asst oils, gear glide, bolts, etc

weed spray, pulley, barrel pump, scissor jack, xmas light bulbs, drill, asst air hose, etc

Lot #: 79

Custom built tire changer and bead breaker

Lot #: 80

asst of metal oil pails, gas pail, etc

xmas lights, trouble light, etc

Lot #: 81

Qty of asst extension cords, crutches, etc

leaf rake, gas pail, hammer, misc osb board

Lot #: 82

Qty of xmas lights, decorations, blankets, etc

ornamental flowers, etc

Lot #: 83

Lg extenstion cord, wooden cupboard, etc

small gas pails, small plant hanger, landscape fabric, etc

Lot #: 84

Small slow scoop, 3 stacking stools, etc

tarp, xmas lights, antique grass seeder

Lot #: 85

3 small kids bikes, electric heater, etc

small metal saw horse, bag of asst brackets, etc

Lot #: 86

DX Series Gas Powered Leaf Blower

Homalite brand

Lot #: 87

Asst extension cords, B&D cordless hedge trimmer

plant pots, etc

Lot #: 88

bug zapper, 2 electric weed trimmers, etc

broom, small shovel, rope, chain, misc glasses, and glassware

Lot #: 89

Small stereo, two metal cabinets, etc

B&D electric drill, misc ornaments, etc

Lot #: 90

Custom built bird/squirrel feeder, etc

custom built portable bbq, custom built portable stroller with seat made from lawnmower frame

Lot #: 91

Red Devil fertilizer/grass seeder

Lot #: 92

2 plastic saw horses, dual action exersice machine

Lot #: 93

Rubbermaid garden wagon

Lot #: 94

Small fertilizer spreader, diamond harrow sections

Lot #: 95

JD Model 14SZ 21inch cut 5hp gas engine lawnmower

self propelled

Lot #: 96

JD Model SE 21inch cut 5hp lawnmower

electric start, self propelled, comes with rear bagger

Lot #: 97

Homalite D725CD Gas Line Trimmer

Lot #: 98

Custom built heavy duty 7ft loading ramps

Lot #: 99

2 plastic tubs and plastic clothes hanger

Lot #: 100

6 concrete pig lawn ornaments, etc

wooden bird feeder, custom built woodpecker

Lot #: 101

Custom built roller stand and small metal stand

Lot #: 102

2 plastic hockey nets

Lot #: 103

Qty of asst eveners, single trees, etc

heat lamp, etc

Lot #: 104

Asst of trouble lights, ice tongs, etc

electrical cords, power bars, small cast iron kettle, antique metal jug with spout

Lot #: 105

Plastic santa claus ornament, etc

oil drain container, small sleigh

Lot #: 106

Rock Guard for pickup truck

Lot #: 107

Snow roof rake, 5 length of 1/4in rod – 15ft

Lot #: 108

Asst of flourescent fixtures and bulbs, etc

wooden cabinets, brass stand, shopping cart, small cart on wheels, plastic garbage can, electric fence pieces, etc

Lot #: 109

Asst of stove pipe, cable sling, misc ramps, etc

small wooden step ladder, rope, 16.5ch tire on rim, plastic pipe, wooden stand with metal shelves

Lot #: 110

Ford Engate, wooden box, etc

small wooden cabinet, tractor steering counsel, etc

Lot #: 111

Custom built metal stand, wooden bench, etc

antique wooden cabinet, chair, small wheel barrow, weed sprayer, hydraulic jacks, plastic garbage can, plastic barrel, funnel, etc

Lot #: 112

Iron Hores 5.4cfm electric air compressor

not working

Lot #: 113

King Canada 5hp 20gal upright air compressor

Tank is good, compressor is not working

Lot #: 114

Small patio table, school desk, etc

custom built garden cart made from rototiller frame, gas pail with nossel, potato fork, etc

Lot #: 115

10ft alluminum extension ladder

Lot #: 116

Older wheel barrow, blue plastic barrel, etc

Halloween ornaments, plastic crate

Lot #: 117

Custom built 2 wheeled trolley

leg vise on pedestal stand

Lot #: 118

custom built portable work table, etc

small mechanic stool, small two wheeled cart, misc belts, metal stand, etc

Lot #: 119

Asst of lrg c clamps, pipe wrench, etc

large load binder, misc logging chain, gambrel

Lot #: 120

Qty:7 Asst logging chains

Lot #: 121

Set of large tractor chains

Lot #: 122

Two chairs, adjustable stand, etc

two wheel cart, metal rack, misc cords, etc

Lot #: 123

3 chairs, small table, camper jack stands, etc

metal stool, backpack, custom built metal stand, misc belts, rope, tie down straps, small saw horse, misc electrical cords

Lot #: 124

Contents of small wooden shed

includes: xmas lights, xmas ornaments, small metal stand, misc plywood, electrical cords, etc

Lot #: 125

2 metal stands, shelving units, butcher block tabe

Lot #: 126

Small metal crate, misc garden hose, etc

plastic pails, 3 large weights

Lot #: 127

2 sets of chrome running boards, 2 slings

Lot #: 128

Asst of scoop shovels and spades

Lot #: 129

6 scoop shovels, 2 square shovels, small hoe

Lot #: 130

Asst of rakes, shovels, clippers, hoe, etc

Lot #: 131

9 spades, square shovel, fork, snow pusher

Lot #: 132

Asst of snow pushers, small shovels, pitchforks

broom, ice scraper,etc

Lot #: 133

Contents of small wooden shed

Tires, misc plywood, lawn chairs, folding chairs, misc wrenches, hack saw, screwdrivers, chain, crescent wrenches, pipe wrench, 3/4 drive ratchet, washers, boxing gloves, ladies figure skates,etc

Lot #: 134

6ft aluminum step lader, 5ft step lader, etc

10ftx14in aluminum roller

Lot #: 135

Contents of small wooden shed

to include: paper barrels, cross country skiis, plastic crates, electrical cords, misc lights, older lumber, etc

Lot #: 136

Contents of small oil shed

to include: oil barrels, xmas lights, antique cupboard, plastic hose, grease pail, small electric rototiller (unknown work condition) and metal pail

Lot #: 137

Contents of wooden shed

to include: folding lawn chairs, 3 office chairs, misc tools, small stool, electric buffer, booster cables, boot dryer, camp stove, glass insulators, pressure tank and pump, bathroom sink, etc

Lot #: 138

Qty of bolts misc wrenches, brooms, etc

threaded rod, small tire and rim, pipe wrench, jobmate vacuum cleaner, magnet, bolt cutter, hand saw, etc

Lot #: 139

Asst of combination wrenches, screwdrivers, etc

pipe wrench, small parts tray on wheels, 3 1/2in vise, bolts, etc

Lot #: 140

8 bin anchors, one is bent

Lot #: 141

Small custom built two wheel mover, etc

roller stand, weed sprayer, ice tongs, misc electrical cords, folding chair, plastic tub, air hose, etc

Lot #: 142

Makita LS1030N Mitre Saw on stand

Lot #: 143

DeWalt 74010in Radial arm saw

Lot #: 144

Vermont American Tap and Die Set

not complete

Lot #: 145

Custom built tricycle and two wheel parade cart

Lot #: 146

King Canada 10in table saw

Lot #: 147

Qty of booster cables and wire

Lot #: 148

Antique kids sleigh and rocking horse

Lot #: 149

Small safe with no combination, etc

Admiral window AC unit, wooden cupboard on wheels, small wooden cupboard, door, roof top carrier

Lot #: 150

Freezemaster mid sized deepfreeze, etc

wooden counter unit, small cabinet, bookshelf, hydraulic floor jack, weed sprayer, twine roller, gas pail, pulleys, tarp, gas jugs, metal stand, 2in trailer cupler, etc

Lot #: 151

2 metal shelving units with hooks, metal basket

misc threaded rod, small tow hitch, etc

Lot #: 152

Qty of Unused items

Screwdrivers, tube bending pliers, coping saw, hangers, 30pcs ratcheting screwdriver set, utility knives, bit set, 4in wire wheel brush, c clamps, electrical ends, air filter, etc

Lot #: 153

Qty of Unused items

small combination tool set, pliers, screwdrivers, padlocks, gate latches, tape measure, utility knife, trimmer, skill pocket screwdriver set, pick set, hangers, etc

Lot #: 154

Qty of used and unused items

Battery charger, cup hooks, light bulbs, metal hangers, jobmate 44pcs tool kit, tile saw, dual trumpet airhorn, lock set, plastic containers, zip ties, lawnmower muffler, brass cabinet hardware, jewlers screwdriver set, battery tester, etc

Lot #: 155

Single Pedestal office desk, etc

bench vice, sump pump, small electric motor, two hand weed trimmers, small tire on rim

Lot #: 156

Full ball and partial ball of baler twine, etc

electric heaters, plastic toolboxes, mud flaps, two burner hot plate, unused utility knife, tape measure set, boot liners, etc

Lot #: 157

Lg Qty of Used nails and new nails, etc

driveway markers, smoking wood bits, etc

Lot #: 158

Asst of utility knives, oil change kit for Polaris

flashlights, work light, Mastercraft Maxium 14.4 volt cordless drill with charger, misc screws, single pedestal office desk

Lot #: 159

Qty of Unused items

To include: 14pcs tool set, screwdriver bit set, wrench set, tiedown straps, reciprocating saw blades, carpenter apron, 3/8 drive ratchet, small lifejacket, etc

Lot #: 160

GE 14in Color TV with Sanyo VCR

small metal stand with staplers and plastic tray

Lot #: 161

Trademaster 8in bench drill press

Lot #: 162

Wooden cupboard unit, misc fishing rods, etc

wall clocks, fan, Lincoln pistol style grease gun, ratchet straps, misc chains, small shop vac, etc

Lot #: 163

Campbell Hausfeld Fluxcore AD Mig Welder

Wire fed

Lot #: 164

5 in bench vise, custom built electric buffer

Lot #: 165

Asst of Unused items

to include cupboard latches, door catch, cuphooks, drill bits, carpenter square, electric engraver, motorcycle tie down straps, light bulbs, misc wire, presto pins, tarp straps, head lamp, etc

Lot #: 166

2 boxes of asst hooks, shoe laces, etc

drawer hasps, plastic fittings, hidden mirror holders, brick hangers, etc

Lot #: 167

Boxes of asst hangers, grease guns, etc

tie down straps, plastic fittings, pail, etc

Lot #: 168

Asst of Screws, small grinder, etc

cultivator shovel, antique jack, drill bit set, fuel pail, air pump, small single metal office desk

Lot #: 169

2 weed sprayers, electric weed trimmer, etc

window washer, mop handle, flourescent markers, Clarke electrick rotary tool with flexible end, wall clock, small lamp, partial bag of hydrated lime, post maul

Lot #: 170

Air hose, reel, hand saw, carpenters square, etc

Magnet, small plastic tool box, pipe wrenches, westward screwdriver bit set, etc

Lot #: 171

4 boxes of asst drill bits, screwdrivers, etc

rope, pipe cutter, pipe wrench, hack saw, hinges, drill bits, 4in bench vise

Lot #: 172

Asst of pliers, wire cutters, allan wrenches, etc

bits, bolts, small wheels, pipe cutters, pegboard

Lot #: 173

Boxes of asst wrenches, punches, screwdrivers

battery testers, sockets, tape measure, antique tin snip

Lot #: 174

Metal rack with asst of combination wrenches

sockets, hose clamps, 3 drawer wooden cabinet

Lot #: 175

Two boxes of asst files, swing handle, etc

pipe wrench, drill chucks, screws, welder clamp, 7 teir tray bolt bin

Lot #: 176

Large selection of hammers, hatchet, etc

cut off wheels, etc

Lot #: 177

2 shelves of asst nails, bolts, WD40, paint, etc

jig saw, B&D circular saw, small angle grinder, clamps, small stereo, saw blades, etc

Lot #: 178

2 boxes of asst mitre saw, hand saw, etc

roll of 1/4in rope, light, misc wrenches, hammers, dremol tool, etc

Lot #: 179

Metal toolbox, step stool, misc sockets, etc

hand winch, small battery charger, robot toy, badminton raquet, drill bit set, etc

Lot #: 180

B&D Circular saw, Durabilt palm sander

Lot #: 181

Qty 3 3/8 cordless drills, B&D Jigsaw, etc

custom built paint mixer, misc belts, etc

Lot #: 182

Metal stand with misc spray paints, etc

cutoff wheels, wrenches, small wooden box, keyhole saw,etc

Lot #: 183

B&D electric hedge timmer, 3/8 electric drill, etc

custom craft jigsaw, small portable air compressor, fridge rollers, machete, carpenters square, etc

Lot #: 184

3 drawer wooden dresser, small metal stand, etc

sump pump, angle grinder, small wheels, tape measures, light timers, etc

Lot #: 185

box of brass kitchen cabinet hardware, etc

unused 51 piece tool set, air stapler, misc screwdrivers, pliers, pry bar

Lot #: 186

Powerfist 110v stick welder

Lot #: 187

Plastic mitre box, misc lights, etc

hack saw, jigsaw, punch set with rubber handles, small wheels, cordless battery and charger, etc

Lot #: 188

Workcentre 1/4, 1/2, 3/8 socket set

misc casset tapes, small lamp, horse figurine, small box, etc

Lot #: 189

Power fist strech cargo net 15x30in with hooks

everest single burner propane camp stove

Lot #: 190

Asst bolts, King Canada toolbox

w/ flexhead misc bits, no tool, tool box, wire wheel, drawer of misc plumbing supplies

Lot #: 191

Westward 15pcs metric/std socket wrench set

electric fencer, drill bit set, 2 stacking stool, CD players

Lot #: 192

Small socket set, hole saw sets, etc

hex bit set, small brass hammer and screwdriver set, pick set

Lot #: 193

LG Qty of cordless drills

in various working conditions, some with chargers, jobmate 3/8 drill with paint mixer, misc readyrod etc

Lot #: 194

Contents on cooler door

ratchet wrenches, combination wrenches, chain, cords, goosenecks, clips, dust mask, etc

Lot #: 195

Contents on 6 shelves and floor

electrical cords, angle grinder, tackle boxes, bolts, tin snips, wire stripper, drill bits, parts trays, asst hooks, tape gun, lamp, WD40 brake fluid, magnet, pop riveter, misc knives, etc

Lot #: 196

Retractable electric cord reel and twine reel

Lot #: 197

Small metal welding table

6 in bench vise, small toolbox, two stools, etc

Lot #: 198

Toledo model 2110 25kg capacity scale

and powerfist electric hoist

Lot #: 199

Lg Qty of extension cords, xmas lights, etc

garbage bin, umbrella

Lot #: 200

Lg qty of extention cords, xmas lights, etc

tire cable chains, weed trimmer, etc

Lot #: 201

Electrical cords, small gas pail, fan, etc

picture and string art picture of sail boat

Lot #: 202

Berkel 24lb platforn scale

Lot #: 203

Small wooden cupboard unit, flamingos, etc

casset holder, clamps, Briggs & Stratton Recoil

Lot #: 204

Cords, hose, jackall, paint sprayer, etc

fan, picture

Lot #: 205

Custom built fan w/ electric motor

on cart & two step stools

Lot #: 206

12x7ft Custom built utility trailer

with wood and metal spoke wheels, deck is poor, for offroad use only – cannot be licensed

Lot #: 206a

Portable electric pressure washer


Lot #: 207

14ft Deep tillage cultivator

3 bar mounted tine harrows, come with cylinder

Lot #: 208

Custom built 12ft square bale picker

front end loader mount & large metal table frame

Lot #: 209

custom built BBQ fire pit with removable grill

comes with metal sign

Lot #: 210

2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. C4 ATV

with front and rear rack, automatic transmission with High/Low/Reverse, showing 2951 miles, windshield, poly 2-up seat addition, SN:4XACH50A14A323265

Lot #: 211

Polaris 250 2×4 Quad ATV

with front and rear rack, 2760 kilometers showing, Polaris variable transmission, SN:N/A

Lot #: 212

2001 Yamaha TW200N Dirt/Street Bike

with electric start, 9247 kms showing, standard transmission, windshield. SN:JYA3AWN031A086823.

Lot #: 213

1980 Yamaha Special 850 Motorcycle

with 3cyl engine, windshield, 15,248 kms, 2 up seat, has been stored inside but has not been plated since 2008, was running but needs carb kit, battery, etc to get running. SN: 4T2000299

Lot #: 214

2000 JD LT 166 Riding Lawn Mower

with JD/Kohler 16hp Vtwin gas engine, electric start, hydrostatic drive, 46inch cut SN:M0L166D018477.

Lot #: 215

1998 JD LT 155 Riding Lawn Mower

with JD/Kohler 15hp gas engine, electric start, hydrostatic drive, 38inch cut, SN:M0L155B090562.

Lot #: 216

Agri-Fab 42 inch lawn sweeper.

Lot #: 217

CO-Super-Crawler Kitty-Track Mini Crawler

with Briggs & Stratton 10hp gas engine, 7 inch pads, variable speed drive. Needs restoration.

Lot #: 218

2008 Massey Ferguson GC 2600 4×4

Utility Tractor with 3cyl diesel engine, hydrostatic drive, 3 point hitch, PTO, roll bar. Massey Ferguson DL100 front end loader with 4ft bucket and joystick. 200 hours. SN: JTC90301.

Lot #: 219

New Holland TC 18 Boomer 4×4 Utility Tractor

with 3cyl diesel engine, hydrostatic drive, 3 point hitch, PTO, roll bar, 1722 hours, front weights, custom built detachable brush guard, SN:UD30665

Lot #: 220

Landpride RTA1050 50in 3point hitch tiller


Lot #: 221

Ford 50in 3point hitch rototiller

PTO drive

Lot #: 222

Bueler Farm King 60in 3pt hitch Land rake

Lot #: 223

Custom built 3pt hitch cable plow

and custom built 3pt hitch trailer mover

Lot #: 224

Custom built 3pt hitch potato planter

Lot #: 225

Custom built 3pt hitch potato digger

Lot #: 226

Custom built 3pt hitch potato hiller

Lot #: 227

Custom built 3pt hitch potato digger

Lot #: 228

Custom built 3pt hitch material handler

Lot #: 229

1994 Ford F-250 XL Light Truck

with single cab, 8ft box, 2 wheel drive, with Ford 5L EFI Gas Engine, 4 speed standard transmission with overdrive, cloth seats, 262,400 kms, Radial tires.

Lot #: 230

Concrete pedestal with plastic cartoon crow

Lot #: 231

Qty 2 concrete pedestals with concrete dog

Lot #: 232

Folding double camp chair

with plastic patio chairs and stool

Lot #: 233

Qty 2 Glass lamps, asst coffee cups, etc

ornamental flowers, record players, xmas ornaments, massager, foot massager, two wheeled material mover, etc

Lot #: 234

Asst of cookbooks, ornaments, slicer, etc

xmas tree, paint trays and rollers

Lot #: 235

Grinder, counterop peeler, misc toys, etc

vacuum, coffee cups, slicer, pottery pots

Lot #: 236

Qty of CDs, VHS movies, DVDs, etc

fax machine, ornaments, etc

Lot #: 237

Qty of kitchenware, dishes, toys, pillows, etc

ornaments, light, etc

Lot #: 238

Qty of kids toys, houseware items

cd holder, wooden blinds, plates, rubber boots, glass tray, etc

Lot #: 239

LG Snowmobile Jacket and pants, Size 10 boots

Lot #: 240

Medium Ladies snowmobile jacket and pants, helmet

small helmet, boots

Lot #: 241

Filtrequeen vacuum with power nossel

and attachements, misc ornaments, cleaning supplies

Lot #: 242

Danby Refigerator and Hamilton Beach grill

xmas ornaments

Lot #: 243

Antique floor safe

38in tall, 27in deep, 30in wide. comes with combination

Lot #: 244

Ornaments, bread maker, foot bath, ornaments

Lot #: 245

Qty3 Snowmobile helmets

Lot #: 246

Lg Qty of tape, household items

small scale, popcorn maker, foot massager, cake pans, step stool

Lot #: 247

Lg selection of xmas decorations and supplies

Lot #: 248

Kitchen table with xmas ornaments, cords, etc

tea set, crystal coffee cups, frames, lamp, etc

Lot #: 249

Kitchen table with ornaments

bottle holder, picnic set, lamp, candle holders, sewing machine, etc

Lot #: 250

Dirt Devil Cyclone Vacuum

misc cords

Lot #: 251

5 boxes of asst ornaments, tapes, fresheners

Lot #: 252

Box of 50th anniversary decorations, blinds


Lot #: 253

Ornamental fireplace, tea kettle, curling iron

Lot #: 254

3 Coolers, asst dishes and plates

Lot #: 255

Hot point heavy duty 6 cycle clothes dryer

12 cycle two speed clothes washer

Lot #: 256

Table and folding stool, pole lamp, swiffer

water dispenser for parts

Lot #: 257

Single pedestal wooden desk with chair, lamp

serving trays and bowls, gap filler foam insulation, card cleaning kit

Lot #: 258

Qty 6 Chrome kitchen chairs

Lot #: 259

11 asst hardcover and soft cover books

Lot #: 260

Custom made Oak China Cabinet

68in wide x 23in deep x 76in high

Lot #: 261

Lg Qty of stuffed toys and novelty pieces

Lot #: 262

Small cupboard unit with door

one leg needs repair

Lot #: 263

3 pcs couch sectional unit

Lot #: 264

Reclining arm chair with vibrator

Lot #: 265

Dirt Devil clean path upright vacuum

Lot #: 266

Honeywell air cleaning osclating air purifier

Lot #: 267

Magazine rack with drawer

Lot #: 268

3 Oscilating fan, GE Electric heater

Lot #: 269

Electric fire place

52.5in long x 17in deep x 43in tall

Lot #: 270

Samsung 49in Flat Screen TV

with stand, Panasonic 5 disc changer surround sound and VHS player

Lot #: 271

Bravo Acoustic Guitar with stand

and orginal Hopf guitar with stand comes with prime electronics amp

Lot #: 272

Approx 7ft lighted artificial xmas tree

Lot #: 273

Kohl 9 drawer cabinet with 2 card tables

Lot #: 274

Small custom built desk, stacking stools, etc

Marconi record player with radio and Honeywell dehumidifier

Lot #: 275

Extremes machine remote control monster truck

JD 6190R toy with remote, CAT D9 toy with remote

Lot #: 276

Cyclops 1.5million power spot light

Rechargable coleman spotligt, Motomaster 100 amp boost pack

Lot #: 277

Halloween candy dish

Lot #: 278

Antique 3 drawer dresser with mirror

and wooden stand with lamp

Lot #: 279

Custom built 4 drawer dresser with mirror

Lot #: 280

Whirlpool self clean hot/cold water dispenser

Lot #: 281

Custom built coat and hat rack, wall clock, etc

Coronado mid sized deep freeze 46in long x 27 in deep x 36 in high

Lot #: 282

Asst of flashlights, binoculars, lanterns, etc

Lot #: 283

B&D 3/8in electric drill,misc screws, lightbulbs,

2 stroke motor oil, car compass, etc

Lot #: 284

Approx 26 yds of unused carpet


Lot #: 285

Garage car mat


Lot #: 286

Plastic patio set with 4 chairs

and umbrella

Lot #: 287

Patio set with love seat and two chairs

removable cushions, and small glass top table

Lot #: 288

4 unused teleposts

Lot #: 289


5.7 Acres on North edge of St. Front to Include; House 20’x24′ 1 ½ Storey Original House Built in Early 50’s 10’x12′ Porch Addition in mid 70’s 12’x 20′ Bathroom/Laundry Room Addition in mid 70’s 18’x20′ Attached Garage Addition in 1989 35’x 20′ Living Room and Bedroom Addition in 1989 2 bedrooms upstairs each 16’x8′ Full basement under original house, partially finished, high energy efficient furnace, cold storage room. One bathroom and ensuite in master bedroom (both on main floor). Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher included. Will need shingles soon. Deep well with good but hard water. Well is shared with four other homes and expenses are shared with the other users. 10’x16′ Deck with patio door entrance from kitchen. Total square footage – 1,540 SQ FT Out buildings Two-car detached garage 32’x24′ Sliding and overhead door. 26’x30′ Cold storage shed with sliding doors & tin roof. 10’x16′ Garden shed 15’x22′ Meat shop with 15’x14′ addition of storage building 10’x9′ Storage shed 24’x40′ Barn/Storage Building 6’9″ floor to ceiling, cement floor Plus four older smaller storage buildings Terms 15% Non-Refundable Deposit Required Day of Auction Balance payable at Possession date, September 11th or sooner Lawyer fees for preparation of title would be split 50/50. Seller responsible for 2020 taxes Property Sells Subject To Owner?s Confirmation FOR MORE INFORMATION AND APPOINTMENT FOR VIEWING CALL COLETTE 306-874-7383 OR LYLE 306-227-3540