Donna Blakely & Estate of Bob Blakely Timed Online Auction

Donna Blakely & Estate of Bob Blakely Timed Online Auction All items located near Melfort SK VIEWING; Saturday August 1st to Tuesday August 4th CHECK OUT; Thursday August 13th to Monday August 17th All items must be removed by Monday August 17th at 5:00 PM For more information Contact Donna 306-752-4043 0r 306-920-9959

Lot #: 10

Contents of shed

mechanics creeper, extension cords, xmas lights, scale, misc hand tools, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, hose clamps, pry bars, axes, plains, brace and bits, oils and lubricants, antique drill bits, saw blades, hand saw, ice auger, hollow shaft, nut driver set, drill bit and bit driver set, wood and steel bits, electric saudering gun, skill saw, rope and other misc **not including oil stove**

Lot #: 11

2 – Quad ramps, wood carpenters box, etc

steel pulley, sewer snake

Lot #: 12

2 – forks, misc tarps, grass seed spreader

Lot #: 13

2 – portable pressure washers

condition unknown on pressure washers, on steel two wheel cart.

Lot #: 14

6 – hand saws

Lot #: 15

4 – welders clamps

Lot #: 16

Box of spiral nails (8 in), well pipe, etc

670×15 impliment tire

Lot #: 17

Antique floor jack

Lot #: 18

Electric 1/2in impact & 3 bottle jacks

Lot #: 19

4 boxes of misc tools

to include battery post cleaners, tape measures, pipe cutter, screwdrivers, buggy wrench, monkey wrench, small vise, and small pegboard cabinet

Lot #: 20

Galvanized tub, yard light, antique wood saw, etc

and antique oil can

Lot #: 21

Misc 1/2 & 3/8in drills, air chisel, jig saw

Lot #: 22

King Canada circular saw & skill circular saw

Lot #: 23

4 boxes of misc hammers, pins, etc

antique angle handle crescent wrenches, chain saw chains, small angle grinder, chain breaker, screwdrivers, pliers, keyhole saw, etc

Lot #: 25

Makita sawsall in plastic case, electric

Lot #: 26

2 carpenters clamps, 2 hatchets, axe

Lot #: 27

4 boxes of misc tools

to include cleavis, hammers, palm sander, antique wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, etc

Lot #: 28

Poulain Pro Chainsaw & STIHL Chainsaw

not running but have compression, will need TLC

Lot #: 29

Chainsaw case & 48in jackall & sweed saw

Lot #: 30

2 boxes of misc combination wrenches, etc

water pump pliers and files

Lot #: 31

2 boxes of pullers, pipe clamp, etc

Lot #: 32

CIL Freeflowing fertilizers sign, porcelain sign

Two big ben tobacco metal stand, Vicor motors Ltd name plate, back for antique stove, antique oven handle

Lot #: 33

JD chainsaw, JD battery charger, cable comealong

chainsaw not running, has compression

Lot #: 34

1 1/2in waterpump with Tecumseh engine

not running but has compression

Lot #: 35

Honda 3.5hp 1 1/2in banjo pump

with banjo connectors and short piece of hose, not running but has compression

Lot #: 36

Misc automotive supplies

to include compression tester, timing light, torque wrench, volt metre, vacuum and fuel pump tester, antique shaft tachometer

Lot #: 37

2 metal toolboxes

with snap ring pliers, filtre wrench, vise grips, combination wrenches, sockets, antique wrenches, etc

Lot #: 38

2 boxes of misc rasps, plains, pipe wrench, etc

wire brush, valve spring tool, screwdrivers, square leather punch, etc

Lot #: 39

2 boxes of misc tools

to include screwdrivers, crescent wrenches, pipe wrench, brace and bits, nut splitter

Lot #: 40

9 sheets of plywood

possibly 1/4in

Lot #: 41

Top link for 3pt hitch

Lot #: 42

Misc elevator style dockage sieves

Lot #: 43

Tap and die set with extra tap handles

may not be complete

Lot #: 44

Air works portable air tank with gauge

Lot #: 45

Box with o-ring set, 3/8 electric drill, etc

combination wrenches, small hammer, wire stripper, small level, crescent wrench, screwdrivers, etc

Lot #: 46

Metal cabinet with o-ring set, etc

small plastic organizer, booster cables, air hose, air chucks, and tire gauge

Lot #: 47

5″ Bench vise, unused ground clamp, etc

unused welders clamp woodbox with misc gauges, tips, strikers, goggles, etc

Lot #: 48

Blue nut and bolt bin, 72 compartment with content

Lot #: 49

Wall bench and under bench

to include parts organizer with nuts, bolts, screws, etc, wire, misc washers, oils and lubricants, punch set, pump, cross wrenches, JD wrenches, nails, pulleys, clips, filtre wrench, hinges, misc iron filtres, pail, etc

Lot #: 50

Corner of building

to include wall bench and under the bench, lrg qty of nails, extension cords, trouble light, oils and lubricants, tarp straps, belts, copper pipe, goggles, garden hose washers, cords, bale hook, etc

Lot #: 51

Older style drill press with electric motor

with floor stand

Lot #: 52

Contents of wood cabinet

to include plastic fittings, galvanized fittings, nipples, elbows, nuts, bolts, and screws, electric hack saw, antique canteen, slow moving vehicle signs, brake fluid, etc

Lot #: 53

Corner of Building

to include pistol grip grease gun, misc chain parts, level, nail puller, extenstion cord, jugs, pick head, metal square box, chain hook, rotating screw organizer (contents only)

Lot #: 54

JD gas powered leaf blower

not running

Lot #: 55

IH approx 1.5hp single cylinder stationery engine

not running

Lot #: 56

Oxy acetylene outfit with small tanks, etc

gauges, cutting torch, hoses, on small two wheel cart tanks sell with it.

Lot #: 57

Heavy Duty bench grinder & brush

mounted on steel stand with electric motor

Lot #: 58

Vintage 6&12 volt fast battery service charger

Lot #: 59

Comet 180amp AC welder

with cables, welding table, vise, metal vise grips, goggles, tips, cutting head, welding helmets, gloves, etc

Lot #: 60

Pallet with antique car dash, etc

antique overhead dash, and antique headlights and mounts with SK 50 license plate

Lot #: 61

Antique fuel pail, coal bucket, funnel, etc

metal fuel pail, firemans axe, sledge hammer, small handled axe, and antique lamp mount

Lot #: 62

6 asst ladies and mens bicycles

Lot #: 63

Antique JD combine parts

to include radiator, breather, misc alternators, generators, or starters, fuel tank

Lot #: 64

Qty of harness

bridles, collars, scotch tops, spreaders, etc

Lot #: 65

Misc JD framework and saw mandrel, etc

JD seat mount

Lot #: 66

Pallet of asst neck yokes and single trees

Lot #: 67

3 wooden doubletrees

Lot #: 68

Misc on wall

to include pitch fork, hay forks, sheets of plywood, radiator, v belts, load binder, etc

Lot #: 69

Briggs & Stratton thermometer

Lot #: 70

Briggs & Stratton Clock

Lot #: 71

Purlator Filters clock

Lot #: 72

Original B&S Service parts

authorized service center clock

Lot #: 73

Halross 919 elevator style moisture tester,

w/ scale, 3″ dump & test cell, canola roller, charts

Lot #: 74

2 VHF ICOM IC-CM5 hand held radios

w/ chargers & holster & 1 Standard IC-H2/6 mobile radio, power pak, Phoenix mobile radio

Lot #: 298

Hyd. drive Keer Sheer

Lot #: 299

Antique post drill

Lot #: 300

Approx. 30 gal. steel fuel drum, wood barrel

& funnel, shedded

Lot #: 301

3′ x 5′ 5″ wood storage box w/ lid


Lot #: 302

5′ JD antique pick up w/ 3 belts


Lot #: 303

Western Industries endgate style drill fill

w/ hyd drive & steel grain box divider, shedded

Lot #: 304

Antique adjustable harrow section,

misc pipe & steel, etc., shedded

Lot #: 305

Wheat Heart Hyd drive bin sweep

w/ very long hyd. hoses, shedded

Lot #: 306

Firestone 13.6 x 38 tractor tire


Lot #: 307

Vintage JD hyd. cyl. w/ heavy duty hoses

canvas tarp & poly tarp

Lot #: 308

2 steel hitches


Lot #: 309

Combine pickup hold down


Lot #: 310

Misc steel to include angle iron

pipe, vine lifters, cable, 2 galv. rain barrels, one large one small, shedded

Lot #: 311

Quantity of misc. massey combine shields


Lot #: 312

CCIL 18′ oneway, needs front tire


Lot #: 313

Antique 18′ grain auger w/ wisconsin gas eng.

eng. not running, with antique axle, wheels & tires, shedded, shedded

Lot #: 314

Massey Harris Model 28 11ft Swather

with PTo drive, wood back reels, no canvas, self contained hydraulics, sheded and not used for a very long time SN: 002679

Lot #: 315

JD 3 bottom plow on steel w/ coulters, shedded

Lot #: 316

John Deere 20ft deep tillage cultivator

w/ cable hyd. Wing lift, cyl and hose, good shovels, shedded

Lot #: 317

John Deere 1 way w/ 6 ft seeder box,

power lift, shedded

Lot #: 318

4 wheel rubber tired wagon

w/ wood grain box, spoke rims, complete with contents, antique wringer, wood trunk, mail box, copper boiler, clothes rack etc., shedded

Lot #: 319

24ft duplex rod weeder

w/ steel wheels, shedded

Lot #: 320

Allis Chalmers All Crop Harvester #60

pull type Combine w/ PTO drive, was used 20-25 yrs ago for seed plot harvesting, has dual wheels, canvases, bat reel. 15Bu hopper, shedded w/ 2 other Allis Chalmers Combines one was working 20-25 years ago one for parts, one is in a shed, one is outside, purchaser responsible for removal of the combine in the shed

Lot #: 321

3pth spring shank cultivator

approx 6ft converted to potato planter, potato planter portion needs repair, shedded

Lot #: 322

Antique Esso Gas Bowser

w/ glass display, glass in good shape, Esso globe, 1 side broken, shedded

Lot #: 323

Metal Imperial Dealer sign 27″ x 40″

w/ steel frame, 2 sided sign, possibly porcelain, shedded

Lot #: 324

Approx. 800 gal. poly water tank w/ hoses & valve

Lot #: 325

John Deere 4 bottom plow

w/ spoke wheels, 1 rubber wheel 2 steel wheels, coulters manual depth control, hyd depth, shedded

Lot #: 326

Hay dump rake w/ steel wheels, shedded

Lot #: 327

Stockland hydro-scoop A1 SN 84236

3pth mount, shedded

Lot #: 328

2 wheel implement ride behind cart,

steel spoke wheels, shedded

Lot #: 329

Hardi 3pth acreage sprayer

w/ PTO hypropump approx 12ft booms,, shedded

Lot #: 330

3pth 8ft Cultivator

w/ spring trip shanks, mounted tine harrows and sweeps, shedded

Lot #: 331

Speedking 6″x approx 30ft grain auger

w/ B&S gas engine, shedded

Lot #: 332

1976 Sakundiak 741, 7″ x 41′ grain auger

w/ 5 hp single phase electric motor, shedded

Lot #: 333

John Deere 603 6ft Gyromower

w/ 3pth, single rear wheel, PTO drive SN W00603X014006, shedded

Lot #: 334

1959 GMC 9500 1 ½ ton grain truck

w/ 6cyl gas engine, 4 plus 2 trans. Wood box, hyd hoist, 8.25-20 duals 40281 miles showing, shedded SN 99643603053E

Lot #: 335

1962 International C-110 light truck

w/ 304 V8 engine, 3 speed std trans, single cab, 8ft box SNCW-10486-A 8, has not been running for approx 20 years but always shedded cw/ EXTRA front fenders and grill

Lot #: 336

Pallet of JD hoods, grills, fuel tank, dash

Lot #: 337

McKee Snowlander 8FT 3pth mount

snowblower w/ twin screw, 2 stage, hyd chute control, PTO drive

Lot #: 338

JD 45W front end loader

w/ bucket & tines, possibly fits a JD 60 s/n 1

Lot #: 339

1941 John Deere A tractor

w/ gas engine, 11×38 tires SN 575374 Row Crop, elec. start, this tractor was running when parked but has not been started for some time, not stuck, shedded

Lot #: 340

1941 John Deere B tractor

w/ gas engine, PTO, single hyd. 11.2×38 tires SN 177190 Rowcrop, elec. start, this tractor was running when parked but has not been started for some time, not stuck, shedded

Lot #: 341

1953 John Deere G tractor

w/ gas engine, single hyd. PTO 12×38 tires, adj front axle SN60264, elec. start, this tractor was running when parked but has not been started for some time, not stuck, shedded

Lot #: 342

1951 John Deere AR tractor

w/ gas engine, PTO single hyd. SN 278014 13×26 tires, elec. start, this tractor was running when parked but has not been started for some time, not stuck, shedded

Lot #: 343

1942 John Deere H row crop tractor

w/ gas engine, SN OBL 8×32 tires, hand start, this tractor was running when parked but has not been started for some time, not stuck, shedded

Lot #: 344

1956 John Deere 70 tractor

w/ 2cyl gas engine, adj. Front axle, 3pth, single hyd, 14.9×38 tires PTO SN7011003, elec. start, this tractor was running when parked but has not been started for some time, not stuck, shedded

Lot #: 345

1953 John Deere 60, tractor

w/ gas engine, 15.5×38 tires, PTO, single hyds., sn 6017742, this is a good running tractor and used regularily, elec. Start, shedded

Lot #: 346

1956 John Deere 80 tractor

w/ diesel engine, power steering 18.4×34 tires 2 hyd. Pup start SN 8000611, , this tractor was running when parked but has not been started for some time, not stuck, shedded

Lot #: 347

John Deere 2130 tractor

w/ diesel eng. Standard trans, dual hyd. 3Pth PTO, John Deere 146 FEL w/GP bucket 14×30 tires 2658 hr showing, shedded SN140768 Possibly needs injector work

Lot #: 348

1923 Model T Touring vintage car

purchased in 1963, all original, has not been run for 40 years, but stored inside, in original condition, but needs restoration, 2 extra tires, unused convertible top steel frame & wood cross members, this car was made in Canada, engine not stuck.

Lot #: 349

1927 Chrysler 4 door sedan vintage car

w/ rear suicide doors, was purchased in 1965, has been in shed since then, all original, restorable