Manitoba's 1st Hardwood Saw Logs Auction

Log Harvester (Seller) Richard Maguet

Ste Rose du Lac, MB.

Saturday, June 5th 2021




3 Miles South of Ste Rose Auction Mart on Hwy. # 5 or only 55 miles North of Neepawa, MB.

Sale site right along #5 highway. Watch for signs sale day.


For more information about logs contact Richard Maguet

204-447-2054(H) or 204-447-0310(C) [email protected]


Approx 10,700 Board Feet consisting of:

84 Solid Oak Saw logs = Approx 5,300 Bdft.

58 Ash Saw logs = Approx 2,100 Bdft

28 Cottonwood Saw logs = Approx 3,085 Bdft.

5 Manitoba Maple Saw logs = Approx 260 Bdft.


Log owner hired a professional Handcraft Log Homes Drafter/Builder/Contractor

to maximize log quality.

All logs were scaled inside bark, (average diameter), small end, using International Log Scale


84 Solid OAK Saw logs

Approx 5,300 Bdft.

This featured inventory of oak saw logs may be of high quality with a dense grain and a rich color.

High probability some oak saw logs could be of the Prime/Select/Grade1. You be the judge

Scaled to yield around 5,300 board feet of oak lumber.

Board Foot (1" x 1" x 12" = 1BF

Oak Saw log lengths: 6 to 22 feet

Oak Saw log diameters:  assorted/up 2 1/2 feet wide, measured inside bark at small end.

These woodworker grade solid oak saw logs may be turned into a nearly unlimited range of applications, such as oak beams for homes, new builds, or restorations, fine furniture-making, cabinetry, interior trim, picture frames, musical instruments, live-edge slabs, or something altogether different.


This log owner is happy to know that he will be able to give these trees a second life and repurpose them into something that should last for generations to come.

58 ASH Saw Logs

Approx 2,100 Bdft.


Scaled to approx. yield 2,100 board feet of Ash lumber.

Lengths: assorted/up to 17 ft.

Diameters: 8" to 15" scaled inside bark, small end.


Ash market is being fueled by the Chinese saw log market. China has been buying all the ash logs they can get their hands on in the last few years. They know the species may soon become very limited or unavailable. Readily available supplies are now threatened by the spread of that little bug. Sadly, ash has become either expensive or hard to find. Don't start your ash journey driven by price alone.

These saw logs can be recognized by the diamond pattern of the maturing bark.

Ash wood is smooth-grained, with colorations of warm beige-to-light brown to blonde. Ash is highly versatile, durable, and feels smooth to the touch. It has excellent bending qualities. Hence, carpenters love to work with ash wood. Ash is used for furniture, flooring, doors, cabinetry, major league baseball bats, hockey sticks or make unique live-edge slabs. It is also sliced as veneer. Use this opportunity to bring your ideas to life.




Approx 3,085 Bdft.


Cottonwood saw log lengths: 6 to 23 feet

Cottonwood saw log diameters: 12" to 24" scaled inside bark, small end.


The close-grained heartwood of cottonwood has a tan to brownish tone with gray or purple mineral streaks. Its thin sapwood is creamy white. It's soft for a hardwood, but surprisingly strong, and it works easily with hand or power tools. Cottonwood has commercial value as suppliers of material for paper, pallet, skid and box lumber, particle board, lumber and plywood. Can be used as lowbed decking, blocking or cut into thick slabs for picnic tables or horse stalls. Some cottonwood can become commercial veneer for utility and low-priced furniture. This wood usually carves with little effort. Toyshops love cottonwood for making toys to sell to shoppers. When woodworkers shun cottonwood—either from unfamiliarity or rumors of instability—they miss out on a good wood at a great price.



Manitoba Maple/Box Elder Saw logs

Approx 260 Bdft


@ 14 ft x 13 " saw log

@ 13 ft x 10 " saw log

@ 12 ft x 12 " saw log

@ 11 ft x 12 " saw log
@ 9 ft x 12 " saw log


Boxelder wood is close-grained and creamy white in color. This light wood lends itself to carvings, turnings, tree ware, toys, simple furniture or storage projects.

Many Boxelder have a heartwood streaked with red raspberry-colored stains and flecks. It's a property that woodturners find especially appealing for bright bowls, slender goblets, attractive platters and decorative jewelry boxes and even bird houses. This wood is prized in some circles due to these red streaks which do make pretty unique turnings. Making beautiful, hand-crafted wood items to sell is an extremely creative and rewarding way to make money.


Auctioneers note:

All descriptions & figures in advertisements are approximate

The term saw log is a log of suitable size for sawing into lumber, processed at a sawmill.

Some logs may have a natural aged appearance with characterful cracks and splits

Buyers must arrange to pick up their purchased saw logs in Ste Rose du Lac, MB within 60 days of purchase.


Sellers will do their best to help load logs onto your trailers.


The sellers/auctioneers neither endorses nor makes any representation or guarantees as to the quality of the saw logs or the accuracy of claims made. Seller harvested his own timber, therefore is biased. Due your own due diligence.