DownsizeSale Auctioneers Inc.

DownsizeSale Auctioneers Inc is a licensed bonded and insure Estate Liquidator and Auction Company in Saskatchewan. We are licensed auction company in Sask, License # 507581.

DowsizeSale manages estate sales, downsizing salesbusiness inventory clearancefundraising/charity auctions and storage clearouts using either the DowsizeSale managed Sale process (where we use a local expert help team) or a Seller managed Sale process (where we manage the technology, bidder communication, collection of payments and reporting) .


The founders Robin Liu and Qing Zhang have been selling homes for many years, and have seen so many home sellers get headache about what to do with their goods that they do not want to move with them. Most of their clients just give away some to their relatives friends and dump the rest, because the sale proceeds are just not worth of the time they spend on selling them.


This experience inspired Robin Liu to seek an effective way of selling good from downsizing, estate , and relocating. Not long after this idea, was launched in 2019, an innovative online auction platform to conduct downsizing and estate auctions sales online in a better way.


Why sell with us? Our clients can put their minds at ease while we do all the work. Downsizesale hopes to improve the economics of buying and selling used household items for low prices to meet the needs of people across many demographics.