Code Of Ethics


Mission Statement:

The Saskatchewan Auctioneers Association is a membership organization promoting education and leadership for its members, consumers, and industry. The members agree to a Code of Ethics and to always act in an honest and professional manner.

Members of the Saskatchewan Auctioneers Association agree to be governed by the following Code of Ethics:

Relations to Clients

Article 1. Be fair to both the buyers and sellers.
Article 2. Endeavor to keep abreast of business conditions and matters of law so as to give intelligent and correct advice and service.
Article 3. When engaged to writing an appraisal, will spend the proper time for study, inquiry, and deliberation of the value. The appraisal represents a professional service and will be in writing and is deserving of an appropriate fee. A member will never undertake an appraisal or offer an opinion on any property or contract in which he has any interest without a full disclosure of that interest.
Article 4. Provide a detailed timely report of the items selling price and the auctioneer’s settlement to the seller.

Relations to the Public

Article 5. Do their best to protect the public against fraud, misrepresentation, or unethical practices.
Article 6. Do their best to avoid misrepresentation of items and events advertised for auction.
Article 7. Maintain confidentiality of his buyers and seller business.

Relations to Other Auctioneers and the Association.

Article 8. Members will maintain membership by paying the fees set by the Association and continue to meet the Code of Ethics set by the Association.
Article 9. Members will adhere to all legislative and legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which they operate as they relate to the operation of their auction business.
Article 10. Auctioneers should so conduct their business as to avoid disputes with fellow Auctioneers, but in the event of a controversy between two Auctioneers who are members of the Saskatchewan Auctioneers Association, they should not resort to a lawsuit, but submit their differences to arbitration by Saskatchewan Auctioneers Association, and the decision of such arbitration should be accepted as final and binding. If the dispute should be with non-members, the members should offer the services of this Board to arbitrate.
Article 11. Where members are charged with unethical practice, they should promptly and voluntarily place all the pertinent facts before the proper committee for investigation and report.
Article 12. Members should never publicly criticize a competitor, and where an opinion is especially requested, it should be rendered in conformity with strict professional courtesy and dignity. This is not meant to discourage constructive comment or criticism.
Article 13. In the best interest of society, of the members’ associates, and of the members’ own business, Auctioneers should at all times be loyal to the Saskatchewan Auctioneers Association and active in its works; and should willingly share with fellow members the lessons of their experiences.