Discipline/Grievance Policy

1.  Complainant contacts SAA office.  SAA office requests a written submission from the complainant.  Failure to comply may be interpreted that there is no merit to the complaint.

2.  SAA office contacts auction company with a copy of the complaint requesting a response from the auction company.

3.  If the SAA office sees potential merit to the complaint, it may attempt to resolve the dispute through negotiation.

4.  If the dispute has potential merit and the SAA is unable to resolve it at the office level, the SAA will contact a member of the grievance committee who is located closest tot he auction company.  This committee member may attempt to resolve the issue through negotiation.

5.  If no resolution is possible, a meeting of the entire grievance committee is held.  Both parties may be invited to attend.  Suggested resolutions may be provided by the committee.  If unable to obtain resolution, further action may be suggested such as applying to a court or a referral to Consumer Protection.  The committee may also revoke the member’s bond and membership with the SAA, or dismiss the complaint.

6.  If the auction company refuses to co-operate with the grievance committee, the SAA may revoke the member’s bond and membership with the SAA.

7.  If the complainant initiates court proceedings, the SAA may table the complaint until final determination by the court or formal discontinuance of the court action.

8.  The decision of the SAA discipline committee shall be final and not reviewable by any party including by application to a court.  The complainant, upon filing a complaint, shall be deemed to have reviewed this policy and to have agreed that no action, appeal, or review shall be taken by the complainant with respect to any decision by the SAA.

9.  Administration of this policy is wholly within the discretion of the SAA.  A complaint shall be strictly confidential unless the SAA decides otherwise.